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Linux and Windows on the PSP

Ryan Block
Ryan Block|August 13, 2005 1:30 PM
Windows 95 on the PSP

Yes, it looks like one man was able to do what many could not (well, kind of): get Linux (and Windows) on the PSP. Ok, so it's not exactly what the crew at the PSPLinux project were aiming for since it's x86 emulated, but a PSP hacker by the name of Matan phoned in to let us know he ported Bochs (an open-source x86 emulator) to the PSP (which runs on MIPS R4000 CPUs) and successfully tested, booted, and ran Linux and Win95. This isn't really going to halt the PSPLinux project since they're shooting for native (not emulated) support though, so keep on truckin' everybody, we're almost to the promised land.

PSP Linux on Bochs
PSP Solitaire on Windows 95

[Thanks, Matt]