Disney's new Digital Mix Sticks MP3 players

Evan Blass
E. Blass|09.29.05

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Evan Blass
September 29th, 2005
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Disney's new Digital Mix Sticks MP3 players image
Disney's new Digital Mix Sticks MP3 players image
disney digital mix sticks mp3

Continuing Disney's push into consumer electronics are the new Mickey and Princess Digital Mix Sticks MP3 players, which sport Mickey-shaped controls and polished metal and pink finishes, respectively. Both lanyard-style devices are the same inside, rocking 128MB internal memory (upgradable to 1GB via SD), rechargable batteries, a USB port, and preloaded content (not too much, we hope; 128MB ain't what it used to be). With Disney going into the electronics biz, does this mean we will start seeing big-name manufacturers do the content thing? Coming soon to a theater near you: "Apple Presents Steve Jobs in Steve Jobs and the Seven Lawyers," "British Werewolf in Tokyo: A Sony Joint," and of course Vulcan's "FlipStart the Friendly Vaporware Ghost." The Disney gear will set you back 50 bones and is set to ship in about 5 weeks.

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