JVCs 70-inch D-ILA set dwarfs the competition

Kevin C. Tofel
K. Tofel|10.01.05

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Kevin C. Tofel
October 1st, 2005
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JVCs 70-inch D-ILA set dwarfs the competition image
JVCs 70-inch D-ILA set dwarfs the competition image

JVCs HD 70-G886Home Theater Magazine got their hands on the JVC HD-70G886 set (lucky dogs!) and were just shocked at how much more real estate a 70-inch HD set really has. Can you say "three times the area of a 42-inch set?" This model is the 720p set, not one of the new 1080p sets that JVC announced last month. However, even on screen that large, the 720p picture was considered pleasing due to how close the pixels are.

I like how JVC is handling what's generally considered an issue with non-CRT sets, namely: how to display a black pixel. One of the biggest drawbacks to the newer display technologies has been the black levels. Face it, it's difficult to use light to display the absence of light! JVC's approach is to use liquid crystals to block the polarized light that would normally reflect to the screen. They then use another polarizer to reduce or diffuse any ambient light from entering that display pixel as well.

The 70G886 lists for $6,999 which explains why we can't spring for the review unit. We're about $6,992.71 short in that department, so check out the rest of Home Theater Mag's writeup. When you finish up with the article, think about how big your entertainment room needs to be for this bad boy!

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