CEATEC Japan 2005 preview

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Richard Lawler
October 3rd, 2005
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CEATEC Japan 2005 preview image
CEATEC Japan 2005 preview image

CEATEC Japan 2005 starts tomorrow, with two days of anything to do with technologies providing Image, Infomation and Communications.

Everyone from Toshiba & Sony, to Sharp, Samsung and Intel will be showing off their latest devices and software. A good example of what types of things we can expect is Panasonic's "Ideas for life" booth, showing off a totally networked home with a large screen high-definition TV at the center. (How many HD Beat readers' homes does that sound like?)

Of course if what you really need is a new house to put that network in, our friends at Luxist know just the place.

With the transitional period we're in with media storage and display, it seems like there will be even more interesting debuts than usual, of products we might actually see on store shelves very soon. Check back for further updates and announcements.

What are you looking forward to/would you like to see announced at the conference?

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