Self-assembling robots

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Thomas Ricker
October 4th, 2005
Self-assembling robots image
Self-assembling robots image

self assembling robots

A team of researchers at MIT have developed robots that can "self-assemble" using nearby parts (read: humans in the year 2029) "floating" about at random. Sure, they look like a jumbled set of children's fridge magnets but at least these don't look like tofu! See, like cells which replicate DNA using the building blocks drifting about inside the cell's nucleus, these yellow and green robots float about on a cushion of air assembling themselves by attaching to a green robot on one side and a yellow robot on the other. The process continues until they form 5-robot strands such as YGGYY or GYYGG, but never ever the dreaded GGYGY. If sequencing should run amuck, the robots can auto-correct and re-attach elsewhere. Hmmm, they can make mistakes, huh… maybe they aren't the omniscient overlords we feared!

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