EverFast "Nano" USB battery charger

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Thomas Ricker
October 11th, 2005
EverFast "Nano" USB battery charger image
EverFast "Nano" USB battery charger image
everfast nano charger

Road warriors obsessively track every ounce stuffed into their bloated Tumis. All those transformer bricks have long been replaced by USB charging cables hung off the obligatory corporate Dell slabtop. But damn, you still have to carry that bulky charger or glad-bag full of eco-angry Duracells to feed your wireless mouse…right? Not anymore – see, this week will see the launch of the EverFast Nano (sigh) USB AA and AAA battery chargers at the Hong Kong Electronics show. Sure, it may take a week to charge but just feel that 1.78 ounces of freedom, ahhh.

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