Lenovo's EV-DO Z60t ThinkPad reviewed

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Paul Miller
October 11th, 2005
Lenovo's EV-DO Z60t ThinkPad reviewed image
Lenovo's EV-DO Z60t ThinkPad reviewed image
thinkpad z60t

PC Magazine got to play with the slightly heretical Lenovo ThinkPad Z60t and found that while the titanium cover and aspect ratio might not be exactly IBM-esque, the Z60t is a pretty sweet laptop that should offend few and provide built-in EV-DO and widescreen glory to many well-heeled consumers. The battery life is pretty strong at 4.5 hours, the keyboard is even better than the old ones, and the included card reader is a nice touch; but while the multimedia features are pretty sweet for a ThinkPad, they don't really stand out, and the integrated graphics aren't going to blaze through Doom 3 in any acceptable manner. You can get yours for $2300 or you can sit in the corner and pout about the optional titanium cover. We recommend option number three: Steal it.

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