Winners of Engadget's Halloween Costume Contest!

Ryan Block
R. Block|11.03.05

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Ryan Block
November 3, 2005 5:05 PM
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Winners of Engadget's Halloween Costume Contest! image
Winners of Engadget's Halloween Costume Contest! image

Engadget Halloween Contest - Canon

We had some freaking amazing entries in our first annual Halloween Costume Contest (though no one actually wanted to be really scary and dress up as Peter Rojas). But when it came down to it, we had to pick some winners; we actually wound up having more runners up than we'd originally expected because there were so many great entries, but our grand prize goes to Komei H., and his functional Canon PowerShot S200-with working rear LCD viewfinder! Be sure to check out the rest of our winners after the break!

Grand prize (5G iPod with video)

Engadget Halloween Contest

Yes, the barrel retracts!

Engadget Halloween Contest - Canon

Yes! The viewfinder is functional!

Engadget Halloween Contest - Canon

So the camera actually takes pictures, then previews them or goes viewfinder style on the back display � the rig was powered by a car jumpstarter. Wow. Just� wow. Way to go, Komei!

Second place (unlocked RAZR V3)
Engadget Halloween Contest - Daft Punk

2nd place goes to Cam R., and his functional Daft Punk costume. When we say functional, we mean that helmet scrolls text, just like in the video. Damn, yo. Peep the 15MB AVI of it in action!

Runners up (Tokyo Flash watches)
Engadget Halloween Contest - TiVo

Ryan Z�s TiVo costume may look like the real deal, but trust is, this thing is home freakin� made.

Engadget Halloween Contest - iSight

We always wondered what kind of facial expressions an anthropomorphized iSight + mount might have. Thanks, Ben J.

Engadget Halloween Contest - Nintendo

We too want to touch Nicholas T.�s Nintendo controller.

Engadget Halloween Contest - nano

Michael E.�s nano wasn�t iPod-functional, but he showed some serious TLC in its fabrication.

Honorable mention
iPod costume

Troy C.�s functional iPod was pretty great, so we�re gonna give�m something nice anyway.

Engadget Halloween Contest - Terminator

Paul J�s terminator/robot mask was freaking insane. He�s gonna get something nice, too.

Big thanks to everyone who entered! We�ll have more contest entrant highlights later today, so stay tuned!

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