USPTO rejects yet another NTP patent

Ryan Block
R. Block|12.02.05

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We know the back and forth is killing you here (it's killing us too, trust us), but the USPTO has issued (yet another) preliminary rejection on one of NTP's patents, finding that a Norwegian company may have previously invented a piece of their secret sauce. The USPTO has long since preliminarily deemed all five of NTP's patents in question in the RIM case to be invalid, but since they can continue appealing the validity of the patents, well, seemingly indefinitely, the judge presiding over the case is refusing to delay the ruling to wait around any longer for the the USPTO's final judgments. But damned if this doesn't add insult to injury to RIM, who just this week was already handed down a ruling against their $450 million dollar settlement with NTP. Seems like RIM just keeps winning on one track, and losing on the other.

[Via The Inq]

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