IGN digs up some new info on the Nintendo Revolution

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Paul Miller
December 6th, 2005
IGN digs up some new info on the Nintendo Revolution image
IGN digs up some new info on the Nintendo Revolution image
Nintendo Revolution

IGN, growing weary of Nintendo's continued declarations of a "2006" launch date, went all investigative journo on us and dug up some dirt from game manufacturers who are getting busy with Revolution titles, albeit some with merely souped up GameCube dev units for testing. The developers are dropping the decidedly more specific time frame of "during the week of Thanksgiving 2006," which would land it in America a straight five years after the GameCube. IGN was also able to get a better grasp on the forthcoming console's specs, including a rough figure of 128MB of RAM (a sad quarter of the Xbox 360) but with the possible use of some other mystery RAM — maybe the 512MB of flash storage, which would be mighty slow for most purposes. Also sadly, nobody's saying nothing about ATI's Hollywood graphics chip that's coming to the system, either out of ignorance or NDA-ance, but the general feel is that the system should thrown down about triple the graphics of the GameCube, but won't really be the same league as the energy loving 360 or the largish PS3. This will obviously affect ports if and or when the graphics become too disparate between the next generation systems, but for now the developers seem pretty psyched about Nintendo's main sell for the system: the controller. Time will tell if that shiny little number will get them through the coming war.

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