Industry Bio: Trip Hawkins

Blake Snow
B. Snow|12.09.05

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Blake Snow
December 9th, 2005
Trip Hawkins
Trip Hawkins
Joystiq presents Volume 1 of who's-who in the video game industry.

Trip HawkinsTrip Hawkins, born 1953, is an entrepreneur and founder of Electronic Arts, The 3DO Company, and most recently, Digital Chocolate that publishes mobile video games. Hawkins was originally Director of Strategy and Marketing at Apple Computer before he left to found Electronic Arts in 1982. Though he is no longer with EA, the company is now the largest video game publisher in the world.

After leaving EA, Hawkins founded 3DO in 1991. Wikipedia writes: "Upon its release in 1993, the 3DO was the most powerful video game console at the time. Unfortunately, it was also the most expensive, costing a hefty US$700, compared to the low $100's of other systems. Sales were poor and the system's hopes were totally smashed in 1994 with the arrival of the Sony PlayStation, which beat the 3DO in power and price."

Regardless of your opinion on the the man, he has easily made his mark on the modern day video game industry. Mr. Hawkins holds a bachelor's degree from Harvard University with an MBA from Stanford and currently works as founder and president of Digital Chocolate.

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