New Children of Mana trailer

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|12.26.05

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Children of Mana
Children of Mana
Children of ManaIf you head on over to Square Enix's World of Mana website, you can catch a glimpse of the forthcoming DS entry in the recently reborn RPG franchise.  Children of Mana certainly falls in line with Square Enix's habit of constructing stellar graphics that live up to their bold and thoughtful art design, though one should be warned about the adorable bunny beanbag creatures that feature heavily in the game. Centering on the adventures of Flick, Tumble and Pop (fresh from breakfast cereal mascot auditions), the game aims to attract fans of the classic Mana series in addition to newcomers. The battle system seems geared more towards reflexes than strategic thinking, but with some Wi-Fi cooperative gameplay, it should turn out to be an excellent and much needed DS RPG (that doesn't star a certain portly plumber).

To view the trailer, follow the link, click on "Trailer" and then on the "Children of Mana" picture.

[via Cubed3]
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