But who gets top bunk? HANA and 1394 TA to share a booth at CES

More of this "collaboration" as some people call it, I'm taking a cue from the HD-DVD and Blu-ray camps and thumbing my nose at all forms of standardization and cooperative efforts. The latest two draw my ire are the 1394 Trade Association and HANA who will be showing off how they can make your digital media devices connect better and more easily in just one booth at CES.

I mean really, who wants that, now Kevin can't get the exercise of walking back and forth from booth to booth. It's a fact, 1394 makes kids and Kevins fat.

From the release: "At ICES, HANA will demonstrate HD audio-video room-to-room networking with a network interface unit. It also will host a demonstration featuring audio and video distributed using 1394 through a variety of legacy products including Cable STBs, D-VCRs, AV hard drives, camcorders and a new HDTV. The Trade Association will participate in the booth, and plans to establish a formal liaison with HANA early in 2006."

Blah blah blah, all this working together makes me sick, excuse me while I go work on some proprietary technology.