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The obligatory Game Night page


Welcome to Game Night, a fun activity where we (the staff) and you (the reader) get together and enjoy the multiplayer games available on the Nintendo Wii and DS. This page is meant as a collection of information that will help you get prepared and get connected to Game Night. So, what do you need to do first? Well, you need to get your game of choice set up and retrieve your Friend Code.

Once you've gone through the trouble of finding this code (refer to the game's manual if you're having difficulty), write it down. Write down the game and code, then move on to your next Wi-Fi compatible game and repeat the process. Do this until you've gone ahead and stripped the numerical information of interest from each of your DS game carts and then come back to this page here. We're going to need you to leave a comment.

If you're unfamiliar with leaving a comment, or have never done so, our new comment system has a great explanation here. Read up and follow the necessary steps to get a login. Once done, you can customize anything you might need and leave a comment here on this page. Your comment should be consisting of what games you have to play and the friend codes for each. We want you to include as many DS and Wii games as you can in your comment so as to cut down on the clutter. Once you've done so, keep an eye on the page here for others adding their Friend Codes so you can put them into your games. It'll help streamline the process of finding games once you're ready to move onto the next part: showing up to Game Night.

Each week, early in the day (for us, as our time zone is U.S. Eastern), we'll put up a post for Game Night. It's there that we'll remind you all it's going down later in the same day. This is also where you'll find handy links to this page and others for the resources one needs should they be new to the whole thing or find themselves in a forgetful mood. Also, when Game Night starts, the post itself will be edited to include the link to the chatroom. It will change every week, but the chat should run smoothly in your browser window. No messy third-party programs or other hoops to jump through. All one needs to do is click a link.

So, when will Game Night start? It's every Thursday at 7pm Eastern (EST). That's when the staff is on-hand to play and chat with you all. There isn't a set time limit for Game Night or anything, so the staff will play as long as they can. You're free to hang around and play with others, should you wish

The main focus here is preparation. Nintendo doesn't make it easy for us to do this, what with their cumbersome Friend Code system, so if you follow the directions above, you should be able to join and have fun in as little time as possible, with as little pain as possible.

DS Fanboy staff friend codes:

Smash Bros. Brawl: 3179-5693-1348
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin: 1762-1798-3825
Medal of Honor Heroes 2: EA Nation ID DavidHinkle
NiGHTS into Dreams: 1547-4235-3501
Phantom Hourglass: 5369-8658-5579
Tetris DS: 2636 - 8016 - 0262
Mario Kart: 4682-1090-8888
Metroid Prime Hunters: 3522-5540-0086
Animal Crossing Wild World: 1761-6174-6373

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin: 3351-3155-3025
Animal Crossing Wild World: 0130-0810-0353
Clubhouse Games: 4167-3502-7351
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 1891-0175-7140
Mario Kart DS: 0688-4266-4787
Picross DS: 4339-1490-1822
Star Fox Command: 2227-4241-8915
Tetris DS: 7507-7494-7984

Clubhouse Games: 1203-8240-1706
MKDS: 2964-7171-1452
Picross: 2964-7606-0690

Thanks for trying and we hope to see you at the next Game Night!

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