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New Samsung phones @ CES: A800, P207, P777, A890, i730

Dan Wu

Samsung A890 2 CES

We spent some quality time with five of Samsung's new cellphones at the CES Unveiled press event last night, the A800, P207, P777, A890, and their i730 Pocket PC Phone, read on for a little roundup of what we peeped there.

Samsung A800 1 CES

 Samsung A800 2 CES
The Samsung A800, the first two megapixel camera phone to be available in the US and working on the CDMA network (that means Sprint), is a slider phone with a quite large 2-inch 260k color 320x240 resolution screen. The camera allows use of a TransFlash memory card to save your pictures, and is powerful enough for 3d gaming and video clips.

  Samsung P207 1 CES

  Samsung P207 2 CES

Samsung P207 3 CES

Following in the lines of other fashion phones (such as the Motorola RAZR V3), the P207 has a shiny glossy black color with chrome accents and will work on 850/1800/1900 MHz frequencies with EDGE/GRPS support for Cingular. It has a 65k color external screen and a 1.9-inch 262k color screen inside, with MP3 ringtones and instant message capabilities. The most noticeable thing to us is that it was very light (we think lighter than than the RAZR) and the P207 was fully functional with battery inserted when we checked it out.

Samsung P777 1 CES

Samsung P777 2 CES

Another slider phone for Cingular will be the Samsung P777, which is EDGE capable and includes a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash along with tri-band support. It comes with a whopping 100MB (yes you read that right, 100MB) for your pictures, MP3 files, and video. It can store up to an hour of video and uses the MPEG4/H.263 format.

Samsung A890 1 CES

Samsung A890 2 CES

Samsung?s first Verizon EVDO phone is the A890, a flip-style phone with an included 1.3 megapixel camera, a 260k color display and it can also record MPEG4 video clips.

Samsung i730 1 CES

Samsung i730 2 CES

The Samsung i730 (not to be confused with the same-named Nextel model) runs Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Phone (but we don?t expect it to run Windows Smartphone 2005), Verizon EV-DO support, a slider with a QWERTY keyboard, and a 65k color 2.8-inch 240x320 display. Other specs include 64MB RAM, stereo speakers SD media slot, and integrated Bluetooth. We got more of a chance to play with this today, and we have got to mention that we?re not very impressed with the pill-sized keys, as it does not make for very comfortable typing at all.

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