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Sneak Peek at Windows Mobile 2005 (Magneto)

Eric Lin
pocket pc 2005

Years of waiting for Microsoft to release something more than an incremental (bug fix) release to Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone will finally be rewarded later today. At the CES Keynote, Bill Gates will preview the new Windows Mobile OS. Pocket PC gets an entirely new interface which uses two soft buttons, just like Smartphone. Smartphone's interface gets a small overhaul to match the new Pocket PC exactly. Both OSes can be used one-handed, just like the new UIQ 3 or Palm OS 6.1. Also like those, both versions will support a wide variety of resolutions.
Microsoft has added Wi-Fi support to Smartphone, and has added persistent memory to Pocket PC, basically bringing the two OSes in line both feature and application -wise. The two things that will set Pocket PC apart are continued support for a touch screen, and Office applications: an improved version of Word and Excel (that finally support charts and text formatting!) as well as a pocket version of Powerpoint. Other software improvements will include picture syncing for Outlook contacts, a new Pictures application and a new version of Windows Media Player 10.

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