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RCA Lyra Audio Video Jukebox gets an upgrade


RCA Lyra 1

The second generation of RCA's Lyra personal video player gets a few changes. It's a little slimmer and smaller, but will still house a 20GB drive along with a CompactFlash slot as well as be able to record video directly in. Big upgrades are a programmable timer and built-in tiny speaker. The Lyra Audio Video Jukebox doesn't have any magic bullet against recording video that's protected by Macrovision, and won't record if it finds you are playing a DVD, videotape or some of the satellite broadcasts that contain this annoying signal. Click for more pictures of a well-handled mock-up we saw here.

RCA Lyra 2

Smaller with a menu-driven D-pad

RCA Lyra 3
Record button and speaker

RCA Lyra 4
Video port selector and maintenance door

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