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Motorola introducing a new stereo Bluetooth headset

Eric Lin

Motorola is hitting both music and Bluetooth hard at CES in addition to jackets and hats with Bluetooth stereo speakers, they're also talking up the HT820, a stereo Bluetooth headset. Since there are no pictures yet (and the CES show floor is closed for the night) we aren't quite sure exactly how it works, but Motorola claims it can connect to a music player and a phone separately and automatically pause the music when a phone call is answered on the headset. We would suspect they mean mute, not pause the music, however the headset has controls for play and pause as well as call controls according to Moto. Maybe those controls only work with Bluetooth enabled music players. For the wired players, there is a headset jack built into the HT820 or Motorola will also offer the DC800, which takes audio out and streams it over Bluetooth.

[via Geekzone]

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