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MSN Video Downloads

Peter Rojas
Creative Zen Portable Media Center

Just about the only part of Bill Gates's CES keynote address that was completely SNAFU-laden was when he mentioned that MSN was going to be offering a video download service for the Portable Media Center. The most imaginatively titled MSN Video Downloads is mainly meant as a way for people who buy Portable Media Centers (and Smartphones and Pocket PCs loaded with Windows Media Player 10) to have something legal to watch on them, and they've already signed up several cable companies like FOX Sports, CNBC, MSNBC, and Food Network; a one year subscription will set you back twenty bucks, but there will also be some free stuff if you can't be bothered to pay up. They've also gotten MTV onboard to create "microprogramming" for the PMC, but it's completely unclear whether or not it'll be part of the MSN Video Downloads subscription service or separate deal entirely.

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