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Nintendogs / Puppy Times!!!

Ryan Block

Nintendogs / Puppy Times

So we just heard about this new game for the DS called Nintendogs (it will be called Puppy Times in the US). It's a freaking puppy simulator. Why no one ever thought about this before is beyond us, but spending some real QT with a virtual doggie that won't spray the couch or go into heat, there's just something so very wonderful about that. Plus we have a feeling this could be a huge boon for the Humane Society/ASPCA every year around February when countless kids start to get real sick of cleaning up dog dirt. No word yet on whether or not the game is networkable so you can starve your dog a couple days and pit it against your friend's in a dog-fighting ring. We got our money on Red up there.

[Thanks, Rory]

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