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Sanyo @ CES - Phone pr0n III, The W21SA Spacephone

Eric Lin

CES w21sa

It's just not fair. We've been in lust with the W21SA ever since KDDI unveiled it way last summer, and though they've come out with a few slimmer 3G phones since then, we still love the Spacephone's smooth white (iPod/iBook/iWhatever) lines and all its incredible features. When we picked it up, it was hard to keep the drool off the phone; every line, every button is so smooth and well placed, and the looks like a big white piece of chocolate with a luscious high tech LCD display. Oh, beloved ice cream bar…

More luscious white 3G goodness after the break.


w21sa closedw21sa side

w21sa white

w21sa open

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