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LG @ CES - The SD350 3.2 megapixel cameraphone

Peter Rojas

LG SD350

You know how LG and Samsung are crazy rivals, right? At the moment the two South Korean manufacturers are locked in a massive game of oneupmanship to see who can bounce out the biggest and baddest electronics. They've been going mano a mano in the plasma TV department for a while now (for the latest round see LG's 71-incher vs. Samsung's 102-incher), but lately the fight has spilled over into cellphones, too. Samsung drew some blood last year by introducing a five megapixel cameraphone (in Korea), and while we're still waiting for LG to properly throw down and roll out that six or seven megapixel model they've been promising, they did hit CES with the SD350, a handset for the Korean market with a 3.24 megapixel camera and built-in MP3 playback software.

LG SD350

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