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United, Orbitz offer "free" BlackBerrys

Marc Perton
BlackBerry 7200 series

If you're planning on doing any traveling over the next few months, you may have a chance to score a "free" Blackberry en route. United Airlines has started a promotion with T-Mobile to give Blackberries to customers who spend at least $250 on certain fights. Of course, you still have to sign up with T-Mobile, with plans ranging from $39.98 to $59.99 per month, but these are current models (the 6230 and 7230) that go for up to $299 on T-Mobile. If you can live with a cheaper model (the 6710), Orbitz will give you one for booking just about any travel package between now and May 15th. (Yeah, you still need to sign up for a service plan.)

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