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LG VX8000 review

Dan Wu

vx8000PC Mag reviews the LG VX8000, the first Vcast-capable phone, which serves up Verizon's EV-DO video-on-demand to your cellphone for $15 a month, and finds the content watchable, but not too thrilling, as they quickly lost interest in the sparse clips (from CNN, Sesame Street, and NBC News). It's unfortunate that the phone is still stuck in WAP-only mode (no web browser or using it as a modem for your PC) because they found the speeds on the EV-DO quite speedy (as we did with EV-DO PC cards) and found it was a waste just for faster WAP. The VX8000 performed well capturing video (at a resolution of 176x144 pixels and 15 frames per second) and the photo quality of the megapixel camera was good outdoors, but there is no memory card to offload pictures or video (and no Bluetooth, though that's coming with the VX8100) so you're stuck with uploading via Verizon picture messaging.

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