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BenQ's Joybook S52, S72, A82 Sonoma laptops leaked

Ryan Block, @ryan

We wished Intel didn't have everything Sonoma under lock and key until later this week, because we really would've liked to BenQ's new Sonoma-based laptops at at CES. We're not all that surpised about the NDAs and what have you, but apparently info on Sonoma equipment's been leaking all over (our friends at Akihabara News even spotted some Sonoma Pentium Ms on sale retail in Japan). And now the latest we've seen is BenQ's outing their new Sonoma Joybook lineup: the S52, S72, and A82. We should expect the S52 to have a 13-inch display, the S72 a 14-inch (and an ATI Mobility RADEON X600 and remote), and the A82 to be a 15.4-inch "ultra wide" behemoth. (Don't get your panties in a wad—the picture shown is of BenQ's long-since released Joybook 5000.) We like the sound of all this, but we're not getting our hopes up; the rep we spoke with at CES said Benny's got no plans to release Joybooks in the US in the immediate future, so you're still stuck to import-only with all those crazy Asian/Euro keys and whatnot.

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