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iPodlounge posts two reviews of iPod shuffle

Scott McNulty
iPod Shuffle

The iPod obsessed folks over at iPodlounge have posted not just one but two reviews of the very recently introduced iPod shuffle. The first review is targeted towards new users while the second is for you power iPodders out there (and you know who you are).

The new users review earns the iPod shuffle a A-, while the lack of a screen and not enough control over the playlists earns the iPod shuffle a B for power users.

The biggest plus for the shuffle in both reviews is the winning combination of  low price, which actually undercuts most of the competition, and the simplicity of the device.

Both reviews are in depth and offer several pictures of the iPod shuffle amongst the other iPods, as well as an exhaustive list of what comes in the box. If you are thinking about getting an iPod shuffle I would definitely recommend you check out these reviews.

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