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The Amiga lives! Ars Technica reviews update of classic platform

Marc Perton

This may be irrelevant to about 99.9% of you, but Ars Technica has an in-depth analysis of the Micro-AmigaOne and the Amiga OS4 operating system. Amiga, you say? Didn't that platform disappear around the same time asteroids were obliterating the dinosaurs? Well, sort of. Like many a failed-but-elegant system (OS/2 Warp, anyone?), the Amiga has been kept alive by devoted fans through years of ownership changes, bankruptcies and false starts. According to Ars Technica's review, the platform is remarkably up-to-date and includes handy features like an Internet connection wizard, a Winamp clone to play MP3s, and a Photoshop knockoff. Pretty slick if you're an Amiga fan, but we won't be happy until someone releases an updated version of the Apple Lisa.

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