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Zupera's AV-EL5.6 and AV-EL7 PMP devices

Ryan Block, @ryan
Zupera's AV-EL5.6 / AV-EL7

Well, it's next year now, so that means (among other things) Zupera's finally gotten around to releasing their two new PMP devices, the AV-EL5.6 and AV-EL7. They look a little on the childish side for our tastes, but you can't really argue with the specs: the Linux-based USB 2.0 mass-storage compatible players sport 30GB drives (which are user-upgradeable to a 60 or 80GB drive), a 5.6 and 7-inch LCD (respectively), integrated 4-hour battery, CompactFlash slot for offloading photos or data, and they play just about every format under the sun (MPEG1/2/4, DivX, RMP, AVI, VOB, VCD DAT, MP3, WMA, WAV, and AC3, including the standard photo formats). Still, we have to say it's probably going to difficult to hold up against the DVX-POD (and its thousands of reincarnations), but we aren't ever ones to complain about competition.

[Via Geekzone]

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