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Exec gets RFID implant

Marc Perton

We can think of a lot of things we'd like to do with an RFID chip, but getting it implanted in our arm isn't one of them. But we're not Dr. John Halamka. While privacy advocates grumble about the potential for abuse inherent in the new tracking technology, Halmaka, CIO of Boston's CareGroup Healthcare System, has gone ahead and gotten himself chipped - for science. Halmaka's VeriChip carries a 16-digit ID number that can be matched to a medical database, allowing doctors to scan him and pull up his records (we'd prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, by handing over our insurance card, but that's just us). While Halmaka is apparently the first person to test an RFID chip for medical purposes, there are about 40 other people in the U.S. with implanted VeriChips, who are testing them for ID and security-access purposes. Like we said, we'd rather just carry a card; we wouldn't mind if that at all if that continues to remain an option.

[Via Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends]

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