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Lexus cars potentially vulnerable to virus?

Minority Report Lexus

Here's another Technology Gone Wild story to scare you.  Russian anti-virus research firm Kaspersky Lab says you can now add cars to the growing list of things that can be infected with a computer virus. It's not clear whether or not this has ever actually happened, but apparently someone asked Kaspersky Lab if they knew "how to cure a virus, which 'infected the onboard computers of automobiles Lexus LX470, LS430, Landcruiser 100 via a cell phone,'" and they conjecture that a virus could potentially use Bluetooth to jump from a Symbian-powered cellphone to the navigation system of certain Lexus models. We won't be rushing to install anti-virus software on the fleet of cars we have parked outside, but sooner or later most new cars sold are going to have both onboard computers and some sort of wireless connectivity, making them low-hanging fruit for hackers and virus writers.

[Via Techdirt

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