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Motion Computing's thin client M1400TC tablet PC

Peter Rojas
Motion Computing M1400TV

Motion Computing has decided to offer a thin client version of their M1400 Tablet PC called the M1400TC; they've essentially just stripped out the hard drive and replaced the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition OS it would usually run with Windows XP Embedded on a 512MB embedded flash drive. The big idea, just like with any sort of thin client computer, is that the tablet connects back to a server where all the heavy lifting is done and all sensitive data is stored. This may not be too terribly useful for the average home user, but for the tablet PC market doing all the buying right now (healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, of course) it drives down cost, ups reliability and security, and actually makes the generally ho-hum specs of the machine something a little more of a powerhouse on its new platform. Oh, those specs? Well, sans hard drive, it's got a Celeron M 900MHz or Pentium M 1.1GHz processor, a 12.1-inch LCD screen, built-in 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth, 256 or 512MB of RAM, a fingerprint reader, and it's about 0.9-inches thick and weighs roughly 3 pounds.

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