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Virtua Stick USB PC controller

Dan Wu

sega virtua stick pcAs a follow-up to their popular Saturn USB gamepad, Sega has released the Virtua Stick PC USB joystick, which features a clicky gumball joystick, eight Japanese arcade-style action buttons (with L and R buttons surrounding the six main ones), and a Start and a Turbo button (great for shoot'em-ups) up top. The Virtua Stick sells for $85 and works on PCs with Windows 98SE and above, and on Macs with OSX 10.2.8 or newer. We like that Sega kept it old school by using metal plates at the bottom of the joystick (just like many of our old imported Japanese joysticks)—NCS advises putting a towel underneath it, lest you suffer some ice-cold chillin' on your lap.

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