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How to unlock your GSM Treo 650

Peter Rojas
cingular Treo 650 small

Pissed that palmOne "fixed" the "pricing error" on the unlocked GSM version of the Treo 650? Nobody is happy that they boosted the price from of an unlocked Treo 650 from $599 to $699 just a couple of days after it went on sale last week, but if you have T-Mobile and don't mind your phone sporting a Cingular logo, more than a few people have written in (and posted in our comments) with the news that you can unlock the GSM version of the Treo 650 by entering the sequence *#*#1234# and then pressing the center D-pad button. Haven't tried this ourselves yet, so if you completely screw up your Treo 650 we can't help you, ok?

UPDATE: Might not actually work as well as well as we'd hoped, but like we said, we haven't tried this ourselves yet.

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