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Saab's Alcokey brethalyzing car key

Ryan Block, @ryan
Saab Alcokey

The Alcolock, the Alco-Detector, so many breathalyzers being built into so many devices these days, it's almost enough to make us wonder whether or not everyone is always functionally drunk, and we're just too sober and oblivious to know it. Now Saab's getting on the wagon (the bandwagon, if you will) with their Alcokey, which will add $400 to the pricetag of your car and will not disarm an integrated engine immobilizer unless you can breathe good and sober into the device pictured. It's being trialed first in Saab's home country of Sweden, so maybe they're also taking on opportunity to make a statement about a little too much Absolut sippy sippy going on this bitter Winter. Or maybe they're just being progressive, socially conscious Europeans. You know, either way.

[Via I4U]

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