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Skype to come pre-loaded on i-mate Pocket PC Phones

Peter Rojas

iMate PDA2k EVDOSeems like Skype is everywhere you want to be lately, and their latest smooth move is to announce that i-mate will ship their new PDA2K and PDA2 Pocket PC Phones pre-loaded with Skype's Voice over IP software so you can start making free calls right out of the box. Like that new BlackBerry 7270, the idea is that you'll make your free Skype calls from a WiFi hotspot (both phones come with built-in 802.11b), but there's really no reason why you couldn't fully stick it to the man by installing Skype (or say Vonage's softphone) on a 3G-capable Pocket PC Phone (like Verizon's XV6600) and make cheap/free VoIP calls from anywhere (anywhere you get EV-DO coverage, that is).

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