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Melodeo offers "safe" P2P on cellphones

Peter Rojas

You know we're hyped on the idea of peer-to-peer file sharing coming to cellphones and other mobile devices, but Melodeo's new Mobile Music Solution is not how we wanted things to go down. It's an application for cellphones that lets you share songs with other people (who also have Mobile Music Solution installed), but the catch is that there is loads of DRM involved, so if you send someone a song over Bluetooth (which given Bluetooth's bandwidth, could take a while), unless they want to pay they can only listen to a 30 second clip. They're launching the service in Europe soon, but it sounds like the only major label they have on board is Warner Music Group. If restrictive, DRM-laden P2P didn't rocket to success on the PC, why is it that it'll be a success on cellphones, where the experience is bound to be even less satisfying? We understand that Lil Jon gots to get paid, but if we had to guess, we'd suspect that most people would just want to get their music on to their phone the old-fashioned way: by transferring it over from their computer. Downloading directly to the phone is going to be a distant 2nd (at least until connections speeds go up and data tariffs go way down), and some complicated system for wirelessly buying music from your friend's phone is probably going to be even less popular than that.

[Via TechDirt]

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