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W22H comes in red, makes awesome noise

Jesse D. Lewin
Hitatchi W22H

Hitachi's W22H for KDDI is an ample device; it includes a 2.4 inch display, a 1.24 megapixel camera with mini-SD storage, plus the barcode scanning, GPS guidance, and stereo sound that are fast becoming standard kit in Japan.  In addition to silver, it also comes in "vintage red" to match the vintage Ferrari we keep deep underground at the Engadget HQ.  Oh, we did forget to mention one feature about the W22H…SHHWACCK!  That's right friends, this bad boy has got the same active-slide design as Neo's phone in The Matrix.  Such a feature is exceedingly frustrating, as there is no earthly reason for opening your phone, yet you'll do it a dozen times an hour (trust us, our old Nokia 7110 cracked under the pressure).

[Via 3Yen]

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