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Motorola Royale Blade becomes the SLVR V8

Jesse D. Lewin
Motorola SLVR V8

It's just after midnight EST (6am Cannes time) and already we find the new Motorola SLVR V8, the candy-bar RAZR we saw slides of a few days ago and caught Ed Zander talking up the other week.  The SLVR includes EDGE, Bluetooth, Mini USB, and Push-to-Talk for connectivity, as well as a VGA camera in a 3.4 ounce package.  Battery estimates are 12-17 days of standby and 4-6 hours of talk, which is pretty wicked for a device with almost a 2-inch display. Other fun bits are MPEG-4 video recording and playback, Push-to-Talk, speakerphone, and something called Motorola's Dynamic Idle, which will display our "favorite sports, entertainment, and weather." So it's basically a screen-saver that uses our battery and connectivity to entertain the inside of our pockets?  Smells like a reason to have a good battery.

[Thanks, Stoney]

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