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GSM Treo 650 has WiFi drivers. You just can't use them.

Peter Rojas
Treo 650 small

If you're still fuming at palmOne's refusal to release drivers so you can use an WiFi SD card with the Treo 650 (you might also still be peeved that it doesn't have built-in WiFi in the first place), here's something to chew on: Treo hackmaster Shadowmite, who has already figured out how to enable Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking and shoehorn some WiFi drivers into the 650, has discovered that the recently released GSM version of the Treo 650 comes with WiFi drivers pre-installed. They're just disabled. Apparently the drivers aren't listed in the phone's ROM, and he found them sitting in an unused location of the Treo 650's memory with the first character of the filenames removed. He hasn't gotten them to work yet, but he says he's on it.

[Thanks, Markos]

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