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New toys you won't want to waste on your kids

Marc Perton
LeapFrog FLY

The New York Times has a preview of some of the electronic toys being rolled out at the American International Toy Fair this weekend, and while some of them are likely to lead to ownership battles between parents and kids, others seem to be desparate attempts to add a high-tech sheen to more traditional toys (and one, Sakar's Blueberry organizer, looks like a lawsuit-in-waiting). We definitely want to get a look at Razor's mini-Vespa (though we probably wouldn't consider it a tech-toy) and LeapFrog's Fly, which has already generated a lot of buzz. We're less impressed with Mattel's Pixel Chix, a digital dollhouse that sounds like a cross between Bratz and the Sims — we can't help but think that the pre-teen girls it's targeted to are already expecting a DS or PSP, and will be nonplussed by the Tamagotchi-style game. 

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