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Paris Hilton's hacked Sidekick releases unedited tell-all

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Paris Hilton Sidekick photo

Dude, could someone buy Paris Hilton an OGO or a Treo already? She had that Sidekick hacked once, and whether or not it's happened a second time, someone's finally pulled the data and posted it all up online. They managed to dig up dirty camphone shots (right alongside shots of her holding a baby and hanging out with kids—oh, Paris), her notebook, and her address book, which has had such high-brow, mover-and-shaker entries as: Christina Aguilera, Devo Aoki, Fred Durst, Jermaine Dupri, Vicki Gotti, Stephen King, David Lachappelle, Avril Lavigne, Lindsay Lohan, Bijou Phillips, Ashlee Simpson, Twiggy, Usher, and Vin Diesel. (We have a feeling she might not be getting some of those digits again once they've changed.) Anyone care to guess which ones she hasn't done a tape with?

P.S. Nudity warning on link! Cover your eyes (but maybe peek just a little)!

[Thanks to Tront and an anonymous tipster]

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