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GSPDA says they'll be the first with Palm OS Cobalt

Peter Rojas
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We'd been wondering how long it was going to be until someone took the plunge: Group Sense PDA (aka GSPDA) has confirmed that they'll be the first manufacturer to introduce a handheld running on Cobalt, the latest version of the Palm operating system. This is encouraging news mainly because it doesn't look like palmOne is going get off their increasingly sorry asses and do this themselves anytime soon—they've already more or less made it exceedingly clear that they have no plans to introduce a Cobalt-powered Treo or Tungsten this year.

All of which makes you wonder what the hold up is. Is there something wrong with Cobalt? It's been about a year since PalmSource first gave Cobalt to its licensees, so it's not like they haven't had enough time to sort things out (there was an even update released a few months ago). For its part, PalmSource isn't waiting around and are in the process of porting everything over to Linux in order to attract more smartphone licensees.

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