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Xbox 360 getting attachable hard drive and wireless controllers

Peter Rojas
Xbox 360 logo

Our same reliable source who delivered the goods for us a few weeks back with the inside dirt that the name for the next Xbox is indeed the Xbox 360 has just hit us up with a couple of other nibblets: One, that the Xbox 360 is definitely going to come with wireless controllers; and two, that it's going to have an optional hard drive that attaches to the top of Xbox 360 "in a really slick way, almost like the hood scoop on a muscle car." Better still, "You'll be able to add the hard drive afterwards without having to take the box apart if you didn't buy the hard drive version of the Xbox 360." Yeah, that means there are going to be (at least) two versions of the Xbox 360 available when it goes on sale, one with a hard drive, and one without.

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