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PC Mag hates on Sony's NW-S23 S2 Network Walkman

Ryan Block, @ryan
Sony Network Walkman NW-S23 S2

Now jees, it couldn't have been that long ago that we introduced the Sony NW-S23 S2, could it have been? Well, it's nice to know some things are sure in life—death, taxes, and someone or another totally trashing Sony's music players. So yeah, PC Magazine took one (extended) look at the S23 S2 and decided it apparently wasn't worth the price of the pearly white plastic it was housed in. The main culprit in the equation? SonicStage and that whole Sony install process (sound familiar?). We're going to have to agree with them on this one; a paltry 256MB flash player should be no more difficult to install than a flash drive, since that's basically all it is.

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