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Arcom WER1500 rugged Linux gateway/router

Arcom WER-1500 Linux gateway/router

We here at Engadget know you've got needs. You've got fixed and vehicular telemetry needs — we all do. This Arcom compact Linux gateway and edge-router will satisfy all that and more, including enhanced Field Force Automation, remote monitoring for Homeland Security, distributed building management and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) services. The WER1500 sports a 133 Mhz AMD SC520 processor running embedded Linux and supports Nextel's iDEN network, with 802.11b available as an option. Loaded with three serial ports (two RS485, one RS232), Ethernet, WiFi, 32MB SDRAM and 16MB flash memory, this wee unit measures 6.57 x 4.84 x 3.19-inches. But how can I pinpoint a vehicle's location, you ask? Just bundle in the optional GPS receiver and your beefy little box can sniff out that mobile's location, making it an ideal choice for monitoring temperature-sensitive cargo.

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