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Play Sonic in style: Sega bringing the Saturn controller to PS2

Ben Striegel

Da SaturnHave you ever wanted to experience the feeling of playing Sega Saturn games on your PS2? ...Anyone? No? Well, I'm sure that someone out there will be delighted by the news that Sega will be porting the Saturn's trademark controller over to the PS2. All considered, it's a pretty faithful rendition. All the buttons have the original Saturn lettering, with the PS2's trademark square, circle, etc. control scheme listed beside each corresponding button. The C and Z buttons have morphed into the L1 and R1 buttons, leaving the shoulder buttons to handle L2 and R2 functions. There's a few hitches, though: the controller will only come in black, and will only be released in Japan. Of course, that's nothing that an importer and some acrylic paint can't fix.

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