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World of Warcraft Sells 800,000 Copies in First Three Months

Vladimir Cole

It's official: Blizzard's World of Warcraft is now the largest online game in North America. From World of Warcraftlaunch on November 23rd, 2004, the game sold lots and lots of copies. No press release yet; just an understated update to the Blizzard company profile that states:

"In less than three months …. [WoW] sold over 800,000 copies in North America. With a subscriber base of more than 750,000 players and peak concurrency of over 250,000 users, World of Warcraft is now the biggest online game in North America."

Prediction: If Blizzard can lick the lag problems, WoW will become the first-ever, million-subscriber MMOG in North America. That's the magical, imaginary line at which experts agree we'll have our first-ever "Mass Market MMOG" (soon to be abbreviated to MMMMOG) in North America.

Update: An astute commenter pointed out it may not be fair to call WoW the most popular online game in North America given the success of Halo 2 and Xbox Live. Xbox live has approximately 1.5 million subscribers and Halo 2 has sold about 6.5 million copies worldwide. If 60% or more of those Xbox Live subscribers play Halo 2, then Halo 2 wins bragging rights. 

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