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New Segways: The Segway XT, Segway GT, and Segway HT i180

Peter Rojas

Three new Segways today:

Segway XT

The Segway XT, aka the Segway Cross-Train Transporter, a ruggedized version of the original Segway HT with larger all-terrain tires, a new "robust" fender design, and a longer-lasting battery (so you can off-road without fear of having to recharge). Despite doing its best to look like a monster truck, you still won't look tough riding one of these. Retail price: $4,995.

Segway GT
The Segway GT, or Golf Transporter, the purpose of which should be perfectly obvious. This one comes with a golf bag carrier, enhanced traction tires, extended-range batteries, and a special standby key (since presumably you'll be getting on and off a lot while you're hitting the back nine). Retail price: $5,495.

Segway HT i180

And lastly, the Segway HT i180, a revised version of the original Segway HT that comes with in three colors (midnight blue, midnight blue/solar yellow, and midnight blue/sport red), and comes with movable splashguards and the same longer-lasting Saphion lithium-ion battery found in the Segway XT and Segway GT.

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