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Intel unveils new concept mobile PCs

Intel concept mobile PC 2

The 2005 Intel Developer Forum showcased three new concept mobile PC designs aimed to provide "on-the-go" entertainment for consumers and functional innovations for "digital office" users. Of the two notebook designs, the on-the-go concept mobile PC is an ultra-mobile computer intended to enable completely portable entertainment both within and beyond the home. Consumers would be able to use the device to access a home server when away from home ("outside-in"), and synchronize with it upon return ("sync-n-go"). The unit is palm-sized with a touch screen that doubles as a flat surface speaker, and will come with a wired or wireless keyboard, detachable DVD player, GPS, built-in camera and array microphones.

The second of the notebooks is the digital office concept laptop, slated to support Intel Virtualization Technology (previously codenamed Vanderpool — where do they come up with these names?!), which allows you to run multiple operating systems on the same machine simultaneously. Sign us up! This device will also come with an integrated camera, array microphone, 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth, and a seamless cell phone. The third of the three concept mobiles is actually a desktop machine, but based on Intel mobile technology. The digital office concept desktop system combines the thin-and-light form factor of a notebook with the performance and power you'd expect from a desktop PC.

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