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Rio's new Unite 130 MP3 players

Gareth Edwards

Rio Japan Unite 130

We were convinced we'd seen Rio Japan's Unite 130 MP3 players somewhere before, but it looks like they're actually a new product, if not a great departure from what goes before. You get the standard pack-of-gum form factor, with a four-line organic EL display, a neat slideout USB connector on the back, line in and headphone sockets, and an IR port to allow the Unite to double as a remote; also includes an FM receiver and inbuilt mic and will record from either of these or the line in. Supported formats are MP3/WMA/ASF/WAV/OGG, and comes in sizes from 256MB to 2GB. Prices range from Y15,800 ($150) to Y37,800 ($360); out late March in Japan.

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